Hi, howzit?

Mine and Cape Town's story began in 2016 when I did a three month internship with a NPO in Cape Town. After completing my Masters degree in Psychology back home in Germany, I then moved straight back to South Africa and stayed there for another 2.5 years, working in various customer service jobs. Since March 2019 I'm based back in Germany again and work here as a school psychologist.

Words can't really describe the connection I feel to Cape Town. This city has given me the happiest moments I've ever experienced in life, as well as the feeling of pure fulfillment. It also is one of the roughest places I've ever been to, where the majestic mountain watches over the city and where complete opposites meet. A city in which some parts and people flourish on a First World level while other parts and people are dying in a Third World depravity. In the eye of poverty, fear and violence, Cape Town has always made me live in the moment, experience pure freedom and it let me try things and live life in the moment like no other place ever has. It made me realize that everything is temporary and that life is about giving. Everything.

Through the special connection I feel to this city which has given me so much, I've decided to take action and let my visions of a Capetopia (Cape Town | Utopia) take shape - a place which possesses desirable qualities and standards for all its citizens. A sustainable place which uses green and renewable energy, a place which provides social and financial equality for all people, a place which empowers girls and women, a safe place where solidarity is lived out and practiced by all citizens. A Capetopia.

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
[Martin Luther King Jr.]