Our projects

Our project ideas grow from the vision of creating a more sustainable, a more equal and a safer Cape Town for all the people there. Here, as well as on our social media platforms, you will be kept up to date on all of our projects. Enjoy!

More social equality through solar-energy  

Help us to create a Capetopia in Cape Town, South Africa in cooperation with "The Sun Exchange"

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Capetopia e.V. wants to fund a photovoltaic system for the roof of a school in Cape Town.

We want to push the expansion of renewable energies in Cape Town and enable a local school to obtain clean energy for significantly less money than with ordinary electricity, which usually comes from climate-damaging coal-fired power plants. In addition, we would like to reinvest the annual return directly to pay for the school fees for children from financially weak households to enable them to receive free education.
The project will be realized in cooperation with "The Sun Exchange" (https://thesunexchange.com), a team of experts for the sale and organization of the installation of solar modules on buildings in South Africa. The Sun Exchange is a peer-to-peer solar leasing platform based in Cape Town and believes that sunshine is one of humankind's most precious but underutilized resources.

So do we! :) Therefore, we want to finance a solar plant for the school of a roof in Cape Town and use the yearly return to support kids from financially weak households. Through this we also strengthen educational equity on site.
More social justice through clean energy. How cool is this cycle?


Jessica, the founder of Capetopia e.V. lived and worked in Cape Town for about two and a half years. After returning to her hometown in Germany in 2019, she felt the urgent need more than ever to use her privilege in Germany and give something back to Cape Town: “We should face the challenges of our time such as climate change and growing inequalities. My heart still belongs to Cape Town, one of the most beautiful, but unfortunately still most unequal cities on this planet. That's why I want to do my part to make Cape Town more sustainable, fairer and safer for everyone there. Help us to create a capetopia!"

You too can help us to create more social justice through free education for disadvantaged children in Cape Town. How many children actually benefit from the annual return ultimately also depends on how many solar cells we can finance with the donations collected. This means that everyone can make a contribution to supporting our project with their donation!

Not only can we minimize social injustice in one of the world's most unequal cities, but, as The Sun Exchange states on their website, solar energy also drastically reduces CO2 emissions and air pollution and is quickly becoming the cheapest source of electricity. Therefore, we can all help the planet by reducing climate-damaging carbon emissions and air pollution, which are responsible for many respiratory diseases in our day and age. Our project is also a suitable way to offset your own CO2 emissions, or those of a company, by expanding renewable energies.
Capetopia would be delighted to receive a donation. Donations for our solar project can be made directly via the "bettplace.org" fundraising platform:




betterplace.org itself is officially non-profit and can issue you a donation receipt for your donation (when you live in Germany). Even without making a donation, you can support the project through clicking on the heart (“become a fan of the project”). This will increase the visibility of the project on the fundraising platform.
With a donation to Capetopia's solar cell project:

  • you generate clean energy and push renewable energies in South Africa
  • you strengthen educational equity in South Africa
  • you reduce your own carbon footprint over years
  • you are helping to create a fairer, more sustainable and safer Cape Town

Many thanks & much love, Capetopia e.V.

P.S .: We are of course looking for supporters who would like to donate to the project, but above all, we are looking for cooperations that help us to bring the project into the wide world, make it better known and support us in our fundraising campaign. A lot of activities and input (articles, videos, interviews) are planned for the next few weeks. Do you want to lend us a helping hand? 
If the project could seem interesting or eligible for funding for you, a known company or other institutions, feel free to share the information and the project at any time!